Imagine that you were in the military and were deployed to a combat zone… let’s just say it was Afghanistan.  Your tour of duty was 8 months but it was then extended to 12 months.  During that time, you witnessed some of the most horrific sights imaginable… some of your buddies were killed right before READ MORE

Mobile Closet to Serve Veterans in Need

When veterans come home from serving their country, it can be a difficult transition. Often times they become homeless and without vehicles to take them to secure even the most basic necessities, such as clothing. Although veterans in need of clothing are welcome to stop by the Catholic Charities Vets Closets in Franklin and other READ MORE

“I Love America” Poster Contest

The 2018 Project Help Poster Contest is open to students currently enrolled in grades K through 12. Limit one entry per student. Entries must be submitted to Project Help, 55 Bank Street, Sussex, NJ 07641 by Friday, February 23, 2018. The theme for the poster contest is “I Love America.” Any media suitable for reproduction READ MORE