Project Help Board of Directors and Nonprofit Leadership

A board member is a member of a governing board of an organization having supervisory powers, and oversight, voting rights and delegated responsibilities that are agreed upon.

Project Help’s board of directors are not the same old stuffy, boring board members most people think of as board members.  Project Help has a diverse board, are crazy creative, and feed off of each other’s brilliance.  They meet once a month and have calls or committee meetings from time to time between monthly board meetings.

The board is always looking for great new talent.  If you think you have what it takes to do this exciting and rewarding work, call Sandy, Executive Director and chief cook and bottle washer at 973-875-2068

Jeremy Curcio, GYSgt/USMC retired, Vice President

Gunnery Sergeant Jeremy Curcio entered the Marine Corps in June 2004 and retired December 2019.  He served as a flight crew member, Operations Manager, Financial Manager, OSHA Safety Manager, Martial Arts Instructor, and a Career Recruiter/Sales Manager.  He has also studied Business Management at University of Maryland University College and is working towards his MBA at Temple University.

Jeremy is an expert at networking through community outreach and negotiating between military and private sector organizations, which will bring value to Project Help’s mission.

Jeremy has been with Project Help from the beginning - sharing the same drive, passion, and long-term vision as the Founder.  Jeremy’s view: “this country’s approach to taking care of our military has improved drastically since his grandfather served in the Battle of the Bulge and his father in-law served in Vietnam”; yet there are still so many gaps to be filled and Project Help will not rest until that mission is accomplished!

Jeremy is happily married and has three sons (and a fourth on the way!) that are all equally Patriotic and selfless; they are proud to be a part of the Project Help team as well!  The family is also heavily involved in the scouts, where Jeremy is an assistant leader.

Jeremy can be reached at

Robert Mitchell, Vice President of Fundraising & Events

Robert Mitchell

Robert has committed the past twenty years to strategic business development, finding creative ways to enhance the lives of our Senior population.  Through his work on the Project Help advisory team it became evident that his skills in networking and relationship building would be the foundation of future, innovative fundraising strategies and events.

Robert is also a Physical Therapist and proud graduate of the Hanzehogeshcool van Groningen in the Netherlands.  He currently resides in Chester County, PA with his beloved family, Beth, Isabelle, Brianna, Dalton, Biscuit, and Turbo.  He’s a hobby chef, organic produce gardener, and organic ‘chicken farmer’.

The skills and relationships Robert has developed throughout his professional career are certain to propel Project Help to the next level, and help further out mission to serve our service men and women in need.

Karen Reinertsen, Vice Treasurer

Karen has been  a government employee for the past twenty years and prior to that operated a family owned restaurant in Bergen County.  In her free time she loves to cook and participate in “craft sales”.  Although from Hudson County, she resided in Bergen County and now lives in Sussex County with her husband.  She has three grown children and six grandchildren and stays active in her community with Girl Scouts and volunteering.

Karen was married to a Vietnam veteran and has a brother who served as well. She has seen the good and bad of the Vietnam War and the impact it had on society.  She is now dedicated to helping veterans and their families through her service with Project Help.

Judie McFarland, Secretary

Judie McFarland

Judie is a long time resident of Sussex County, where she raised her two sons and enjoys her three grandchildren. Her husband was a Vietnam veteran and suffered some of the residuals of Agent Orange and other issues.

Judie has been a registered nurse for the past 50 years.  As Judie’s nursing career progressed, she realized that serving seniors was her calling and was the Director of Nursing in the continuum of Long Term Care for over 25 years.  She also held the office of President for the New Jersey Association Directors of Nursing Administration for the past 8 years and was named Nursing Director of the year by both the New Jersey and National Association in 2004.

As the widow of a disabled Vietnam Veteran, Judie has a special interest in helping veterans.  She is a believer of paying it forward to our Veterans as a way of thanking them for their sacrifices in war.

Carmine Costello, Director of Community Development

Carmine, a former U.S. Army Sergeant with 13 years of service to our country, serving as both a Combat Medic and a Veterinary Technician. Since being Honorably Discharged in 2006, he has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration: Management and an MBA from Centenary University of New Jersey.

After proudly serving his country, he returned to his civilian life in the community and began helping transitioning Veterans through various organizations and programs.

He has served as President, Denville Chamber of Commerce, Chairman, Denville Economic Development Committee, President, Centenary Student Veterans Organization, Volunteer, Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)

Today he is a Lead Analyst: Business Development for the Bank of New York Mellon.  His experience includes over 12 years’ in business operations & development, client acquisition, sales, finance, accounting, and management within various industries.

Throughout his career he regularly performed complete financial analysis, audits, and evaluation for business owners and clients and maintained an outstanding record of building and maintaining strategic relationships across multiple industries and business types.

Carmine resides in Flanders with his wife and daughter.

Reno Schwind, Director of Veterans Services

Reno is a Marine Corps Veteran. Having enlisted shortly after graduating from high school, he held the MOS, or Military Occupational Specialty, of Infantry Machine gunner throughout his time in service.

Upon his transition out of the military as Sergeant (E5), he furthered his education and obtained a Bachelor's degree in the Science of Finance. After that achievement, he pursued his Master's in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. He is currently employed as a SOX Finance Associate in Internal Audit at a publicly traded firm.


Kyle Mitchell, Director of Operations, Florida

Kyle Mitchell is a former CPL in the United States Marine Corps. He is passionate about photography and graphic design and began putting his talents to work early in the foundational stages of Project Help.

Being a New Jersey homegrown along with being in the military himself this issue lies deep in his roots. He has worked under his grandmother Sandy Mitchell but with a new chapter opening in his life, he moved to Florida where he will also be leading a new team of volunteers. Leading the Florida Team attached to Project Help he aims to reach the widespread homelessness population in Florida along with any other struggling veterans in the area.

Michael Coelho, Director of Marketing, Florida

Michael is a graduate of Grand Valley State University receiving a bachelor of business administration in marketing. Growing up, he has always had a heart for the less fortunate looking for and thinking of ways he could help others. When Kyle Mitchell, a very close friend of his and one of the original founders of Project Help, approached him with the idea of helping him expand Project Help into Florida he was eager to jump at the opportunity.

Michael now hopes to use his education to establish Project Help as a strong and viable resource to any veterans in need in Florida. In his spare time, Michael is a musician and aspiring actor and one day hopes to use that platform to bring attention to many other issues and hopefully make a lasting impact on the people around him for the better.