Board of Directors

A board member is a member of a governing board of an organization having supervisory powers, and oversight, voting rights and delegated responsibilities that are agreed upon.

Project Help’s board of directors are not the same old stuffy, boring board members most people think of as board members.  Project Help has a diverse board, are crazy creative, and feed off of each other’s brilliance.  They meet once a month and have calls or committee meetings from time to time between monthly board meetings.

The board is always looking for great new talent.  If you think you have what it takes to do this exciting and rewarding work, call Sandy, Executive Director and chief cook and bottle washer at 973-875-2068

Samuel K. Burlum, Director of Public Relations

Samuel is a successful entrepreneur and the genius behind Extreme Energy Solutions Inc.  He is a business consultant, author, investigative reporter, and race car team owner.
Sam has served a number of non-profits including those associated with the arts, Veteran services, sustainable community development and advocacy, and small business advocacy, and assisted with a number of fundraisers which benefited Veterans, law enforcement, and education. He has also authored and contributed content that has impacted public policy, addressing research and development, green tech, and tax code reform.

Sam is a native of New Jersey, has one child and is very community oriented.  He graduated to Berkeley College in NJ with a degree in business.

Jennifer Dahl Domaracki, Director of Marketing

Jennifer is a freelance graphic designer and partner of Three B’s Finderys, an upcycling business based in northwestern New Jersey.
Formerly a teacher in Jersey City, NJ, Jennifer now resides in Sussex County with her husband and two daughters. She was given the “Mary Scarpula Award” for outstanding community service from her lake association where she acts as a committee and board member. Jennifer hopes to instill a love of community service in young girls as the co-leader of two Girl Scout troops.
As the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, Jennifer has experience and compassion for the effects that combat has on our veterans. She is committed to giving back to the men and women who served for us.

Karen Reinertsen, Secretary

Karen has been  a government employee for the past twenty years and prior to that operated a family owned restaurant in Bergen County.  In her free time she loves to cook and participate in “craft sales”.  Although from Hudson County, she resided in Bergen County and now lives in Sussex County with her husband.  She has three grown children and six grandchildren and stays active in her community with Girl Scouts and volunteering. 

Karen was married to a Vietnam veteran and has a brother who served as well. She has seen the good and bad of the Vietnam War and the impact it had on society.  She is now dedicated to helping veterans and their families through her service with Project Help.

Samantha Alfonso, J.D., Director of Legal Affairs

Samantha graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2013 with a degree in Public Administration and a minor in Criminal Justice. Samantha continued her education at The University of Miami Law School, graduating in 2016.

Having passed the NJ bar, is now an attorney and does legal reviews for Project Help and also serves as Director of Legal Affairs.

Samantha currently resides in Northern New Jersey with her adorable Yorkiepoo puppy named Khufu.