Board of Directors

A board member is a member of a governing board of an organization having supervisory powers, and oversight, voting rights and delegated responsibilities that are agreed upon.

Project Help’s board of directors are not the same old stuffy, boring board members most people think of as board members.  Project Help has a diverse board, are crazy creative, and feed off of each other’s brilliance.  They meet once a month and have calls or committee meetings from time to time between monthly board meetings.

The board is always looking for great new talent.  If you think you have what it takes to do this exciting and rewarding work, call Sandy, Executive Director and chief cook and bottle washer at 973-875-2068

Jennifer Dahl Domaracki, Director of Marketing, New Jersey

Jennifer is a freelance graphic designer and partner of Three B’s Finderys, an upcycling business based in northwestern New Jersey.
Formerly a teacher in Jersey City, NJ, Jennifer now resides in Sussex County with her husband and two daughters. She was given the “Mary Scarpula Award” for outstanding community service from her lake association where she acts as a committee and board member. Jennifer hopes to instill a love of community service in young girls as the co-leader of two Girl Scout troops.
As the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, Jennifer has experience and compassion for the effects that combat has on our veterans. She is committed to giving back to the men and women who served for us.

Karen Reinertsen, Secretary

Karen has been  a government employee for the past twenty years and prior to that operated a family owned restaurant in Bergen County.  In her free time she loves to cook and participate in “craft sales”.  Although from Hudson County, she resided in Bergen County and now lives in Sussex County with her husband.  She has three grown children and six grandchildren and stays active in her community with Girl Scouts and volunteering.

Karen was married to a Vietnam veteran and has a brother who served as well. She has seen the good and bad of the Vietnam War and the impact it had on society.  She is now dedicated to helping veterans and their families through her service with Project Help.

Phil Peraino, Director of Mobile Operations

Phil is an Air Force Veteran and served as an Aircraft Mechanic from 1969-1973.

He later worked at FedEx for 40 years until he retired in 2016.  During that time he was a cargo handler, ramp agent, trailer driver/trainer and regional manager of aircraft maintenance. Responsible for the warehouses where the aircraft parts were stored. The region consisted of the entire US east coast, Europe, Middle East, South America, Canada and Alaska.

He has two wonderful children a boy and a girl who are the greatest things in his life. Phil currently works part time at an auto auction driving all sorts of vehicles. He enjoys hunting, target shooting and riding his motorcycle.

Phil can be reached at or 973-896-3570.

Ann Kievit, Director of Fundraising

Ann is a long time resident of Sussex County.  She has 2 adult children and 4 grandchildren.

Currently retired after a long and diverse career in data processing, banking, owner/operator of a beauty supply company in the local area.

Ann has served on a number of county organizations and had held titles of Executive Director within the County and has been serving since 1991.  She has vast experience in fundraising and will be a great asset to Project Help.

Ann enjoys target shooting, rifle, pistol and bow. Spending time with her family and volunteering for good causes.

Ann can be reached at 973-879-1943 or email


Kyle Mitchell, Director of Operations, Florida

Kyle Mitchell is a former CPL in the United States Marine Corps. He is passionate about photography and graphic design and began putting his talents to work early in the foundational stages of Project Help.

Being a New Jersey homegrown along with being in the military himself this issue lies deep in his roots. He has worked under his grandmother Sandy Mitchell but with a new chapter opening in his life, he moved to Florida where he will also be leading a new team of volunteers. Leading the Florida Team attached to Project Help he aims to reach the widespread homelessness population in Florida along with any other struggling veterans in the area.

Michael Coelho, Director of Marketing, Florida

Michael is a graduate of Grand Valley State University receiving a bachelor of business administration in marketing. Growing up, he has always had a heart for the less fortunate looking for and thinking of ways he could help others. When Kyle Mitchell, a very close friend of his and one of the original founders of Project Help, approached him with the idea of helping him expand Project Help into Florida he was eager to jump at the opportunity.

Michael now hopes to use his education to establish Project Help as a strong and viable resource to any veterans in need in Florida. In his spare time, Michael is a musician and aspiring actor and one day hopes to use that platform to bring attention to many other issues and hopefully make a lasting impact on the people around him for the better.

Erica Carmichael, Vice President of Operations, Florida

Erica Carmichael is a former LCPL in the United States Marine Corps. Always having a spot in her heart for those less fortunate Erica has always given back. With her military background, the issue of struggling veterans in America is one she doesn't take lightly. Erica aims to help spread awareness of the issue along with working hand in hand to help benefit those going through tough times.