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Who We Are

Project Help is a support system for veterans and their families who need help during and after their transition from military to civilian life.  We are an all volunteer organization with 100% of donations going toward solving the financial problems of veterans.

  • We believe that every veteran should look forward to a positive future and another mission to discover.
  • We are here to lend a helping hand for as long as we are needed.
  • We are committed to making the transition easier giving veterans the best opportunity for a successful, productive and happy life after service.

Who We Serve

      • ALL veterans' both men and women from any war
      • Homeless and at-risk veterans
      • Veterans with verifiable need for financial assistance in New Jersey & Florida only
      • Veterans with non-financial assistance needs
      • Honorable discharge not required

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More than 52,000 servicemen and women were physically injured in recent military conflicts. 500,000 are living with invisible wounds, from depression to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 320,000 are experiencing debilitating brain trauma.

    • Approximately 35% of combat vets have a lifetime incidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • Others suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and other mental disorders
    • Physical trauma leading to a lifetime of hardship
    • Wartime injuries lead to unemployment & underemployment
    • Financial hardship, legal issues, housing and other difficulties are common
    • Addiction is all too common

This is real and a national disgrace.

Our mission at Project Help is to change these numbers one veteran at a time.

Join us in this effort as a volunteer, sponsor, or donor and help those who have given so much for each of us!

Will You Step Up & Be A Patriot?



Is your company looking to sponsor a great cause? We would love to have you join us for one of our upcoming events.

Contact Sandy for more details: 973-875-2068.



A unique networking opportunity for male Veterans. First meeting is Monday, October 3 at 7pm. Learn more here.



April 28, 2023 at The Brownstone, Paterson, NJ. Get all the details here.

World War II Veteran Letters

Jim’s letter from Sulzbach, Germany 1945

Gene Newman, 90, a columnist, blogger and veteran recently joined Project Help as a volunteer working with veterans in need of emotional support. Recently he came across letters written by his brother Jim, a World War II Veteran, while fighting in Europe.

These letters speak from the heart about the day to day life in the trenches. They serve as eye-openers about the bravery of our soldiers and the horror of war.

We hope to share more of these letters as they become available so check back often!

Read the first letter here.


Veteran Thanks

Project Help has been a huge blessing for me, after going through a couple of challenging years of losing everything and having no place to live. When I finally got my apartment, Project Help paid one month’s rent for me. Not only was PH ready to help but Sandy put me in touch with people/organizations ready to help a Veteran in need.

I’m so grateful for PH helping me at a pivotal, intricate time. Especially during the time when many of the larger organizations declined to help. Something that I will never forget about Project Help is that Sandy got to know me personally and she was able to connect me with amazing people who were eager to help me and go far beyond the call of duty. As a Veteran, it is important for me to know that Project Help is supported and able to continue their work, because they truly have a heart to help Veterans. Sandy, Thank you times a million!  ~Rita, Army veteran

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