On the Road Again… serving those who served

When times are tough and people are most in need – Project Help is there. Even now, with COVID -19 raging, the military aid group’s celebrated Mobile Closet – currently with “Food Pantry” added to the name – is being deployed to distribute groceries, toiletries and clothing to veterans and their families. In response to READ MORE

Meet Judie M.

Here is a fun fact that you probably didn’t think of… The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines PROJECT as “a planned undertaking” HELP as “to give assistance or support” and VETERAN as “a former member of the armed forces” Therefore PROJECT HELP is a planned undertaking which gives assistance and support to former members of the armed forces. Our veterans have READ MORE

Let’s define your legacy today!

How is your summer going so far? I’m taking full advantage of the weather and getting a ton of yard work done – so much so that I lost track of time, until I heard the kids calling me for dinner. As I’ve said before, now is such an important time to reflect on history READ MORE