May is Military Appreciation Month

Military Appreciate Month

The entire month of May is dedicated to honoring our military and veterans and showing our appreciation for their service.

Local merchants offered free meals, discounts just for military and vets, a tip of the hat and a civilian salute. Such a fine gesture for sure.

Let me tell you a story about Amanda.

Amanda is a 30 year old disabled veteran.

Her landlord sold the house she was renting in NYC and she hasn’t been able to find a new place to live since. She is now homeless and sleeping on couches, currently her grandmothers.

Her only income is her VA disability (50% rating: $900 a month). She has had 3 heart surgeries over the last year, the last was in March to put in a permanent pacemaker.

“I REALLY would like to begin biking to improve my cardio endurance and lose the weight I gained from my heart medications, as a type of overall cardio recovery/ PT now that the initial healing period is over from surgery.
I reached out to another nonprofit and they gave me a very old used bike and the first time I rode it the seat broke (I had to walk home 3 miles) I tried to glue it back together but the next ride was extremely painful (and anytime I ride or sit on it now it really hurts; even though i added a bunch of foam and a towel to try and help on seat) and the last time I rode I fell off because the seat isn’t secure anymore (which is super dangerous because I’m on blood thinners.)”

Amanda only has $40 in her account so she can’t afford to buy a bike. She reached out to the nonprofit to see if they could maybe take it back and trade it for one that is a bit safer but they never replied.

“I don’t want to seem ungrateful or anything because I’m beyond grateful that I got anything; and I feel SO horrible even asking for help again. I was wondering is there any way possible you guys could help me with a road bike? It would be seriously life changing for me.”

This is the letter I received from Amanda… we need your help in solving her problem. A decent road bike is $500-$800. Can we count on you? You can donate here, any amount will help!