Meet Mark a Veteran with PTSD

Veterans with PTSD

Covid has knocked us for a loop, right? Imagine how Covid has affected veterans suffering with PTSD!

Of the 6000 NJ veterans, about one fifth suffer with PTSD. When we complain how Covid has affected our lives, think about Project Help’s latest veteran in need.

Meet Mark a veteran with PTSD

Mark is 100% disabled with PTSD. He came to us through a local government agency. Mark is young, in his early 30s.
He has lost everything; his family, friends, home and his health.
Being homeless for over a year due to Covid, he did not have the resources to find help, until now.

Project Help was able to connect him to the VA and get him on his way to a diagnosis, treatment and temporary housing. We will continue to support him in whatever way we can to get him on the road to wellness — physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Mark is paying a steep price, how can we not help him?

He is so humble and appreciative, I know any of you would do the same to help him if he crossed your path.

Mark is what Project Help is all about.

Covid will hopefully be behind us one day soon but Mark and so many other veterans with PTSD will bear the scars of combat for life. Think about that!

Please help us help him and others. Whatever you can afford to donate is always so appreciated.

Please consider being a monthly donor… even $10 a month works. Of course $20 a month is better (wink)!