Support U.S. Veterans with Your Monthly Monetary Gift

Support U.S. Veterans with Your Monthly Monetary Gift

Help U.S. Veterans Pay for Bills with Your Monthly Monetary Gift

You can become the difference in a U.S. veteran’s future by donating now to support them during this crisis.

During these difficult times, many of our U.S. veterans, especially those suffering with PTSD, have faced increased isolation, stress, and anxiety as a result of the pandemic. Recent surveys found that 52% of veterans acknowledged their mental health worsened during the pandemic and 61% felt disconnected from friends, family, and the community. As a result of the isolation and stay at home orders, veterans have or are expecting to run out of money, leaving them unable to pay for rent, utilities, food, or gas for their vehicle.

At Project Help, we continue to help U.S. veterans who need financial assistance, but YOUR gift is critical to make this work possible. When you contribute a monetary gift on a monthly basis, your tax-deductible gift helps provide financial support to veterans with documented needs, to improve their lives, not just today but over an extended period. Since Project Help is an all-volunteer organization, 100% of the funds you contribute go to support our veterans!

How a Monthly Monetary Gift Works

A monthly monetary gift is a regular donation that allows you to give a specified amount each month. This giving program is a reliable financial support source that helps us keep our doors open to all U.S. veterans who seek our assistance to help pay their rent, electric bills, car insurance, auto repairs, and more. Becoming a monthly donor means that you’re personally invested in helping to create a support system for veterans and their families who need help during and after their transition from military to civilian life.

Why Give Monthly?

Monthly gifts to Project Help’s Hardship Fund will allow us to financially support every qualified hardship case suffered by veterans in New Jersey. With your pledged monthly support, we can maximize our impact across the State.

Please consider making your monthly monetary gift this year. We urgently need your partnership more than ever. Any amount will help in this battle to save our heroes.

  • $10 a month pays for a Veteran’s lunch.
  • $50 a month covers transportation costs for one Veteran to and from work.
  • $75 a month pays for a Veteran’s utility bill.
  • $100 a month will feed a Veteran’s family.

Benefits of Becoming a Project Help Monthly Donor

Help make a difference all year long for a U.S. veteran in need with a recurring monetary gift to Project Help’s Hardship Fund. Through an easy, efficient, and tax-deductible method, your monthly gift will help a veteran get back on their feet and create a sustainable budget–and a brighter future!

Please join us in our mission to help these heroes and their families. Make a difference! Become a monthly donor today!