We’d like you to meet Jon

I would like to tell you the story of a recent referral to Project Help. 

His name is Jon and he’s a disabled veteran in need.

Jon is hanging on by a thread. Please read on! When I met Jon, I learned he:

  • suffers from extreme PTSD and crippling anxiety
  • has no family he can turn to
  • is doing the best he can in the condition he is in
  • is a gentle, polite and respectful soul 
  • takes nothing for granted and is very grateful for anything we do for him
  • is embarrassed about his situation and really just wants to live a simple life without the noise in his head

We have been working for weeks with Jon and the VA to get the medical records he needs to get into treatment. He has bills that need to be paid; his electricity is about to be shut off.

Disabled veterans in need seldom reach out for help until they are desperate and often don’t reach out at all, some like Jon are referred to us for help. No matter how they come to us, we will help.

Jon thought there was no way anyone would help him but we have made him a top priority, we will do everything we can and not give up until he receives the help he needs.

There is a military expression “we’ve got your six” that means we’ve got your back in civilian terms. We’ve got Jon’s six but we cannot do it alone. His problems are bigger than Project Help can handle!

During a recent phone call with Jon, we had a good laugh… progress for him! This young man touches my heart in a very big way. I’m hoping his story touches your heart enough to help us help him.

PLEASE, if you are able, MAKE A DONATION or GET INVOLVED with Project Help. We have two open board seats that must be filled. We are building our power team to lead the way for Project Help.

Thank you for your consideration, Sandy