Santa and Mrs. Claus, the Easter Bunny and Halloween… What do they all have in common?

The Project Help “Everything Party” at the American Legion, Post 132 in Franklin NJ was held on Sunday, October 17, 2021.

Yes, they were all there for a day of fun, prizes, contests, wonderful food and music by the Nikki Briar Band.

What a day full of surprises, including the 3 spontaneous showers that caught many of the vendors off guard and scrambling to cover their inventory.

Over two hundred people came to the event, some stayed all day, other just for a couple of hours, but everyone had a blast.

Nikki Briar Band
Project Help Easter Egg Hunt

The day began with the Easter Bunny hosting an egg hunt for the little ones.

The eggs were so visible they could have jumped up into the bags the kids were using to hold the eggs they found. The winner receive a giant egg filled with chocolate surround by lollypops.

Next came the dance contest which was hilarious and adorable.  The winner got to raid the cupcake table.

Project Help Dance Contest
Project Help Halloween Parade

Halloween Parade

The ghosts and goblins came next in a variety of wonderful and creative costumes…many of which were handmade. They were brilliant.  A variety of prizes were awarded to the top two costumes.

Project Help Halloween Parade

But the big kahuna, was the favorite…Santa

He came by with Mrs. Claus and 2 elves to hand out lots of toys to all the children.

Even though we had had a few rain showers, it didn’t stop the fun, the music or the delicious food.  Speaking of the food, it was a banquet fit for a king.  There was Hot Turkey and gravy, stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes, string beans, mozzarella sticks and boneless wings, burgers and dogs.  Dessert…yes please, so many to choose from.

“One of our most fun events to ever”, said Sandy Mitchell, Executive Director of Project Help “and it was free admission and activities for the community, which everyone really liked.”