He’s Back…

struggling veteran project help

Who’s back? A struggling New Jersey veteran.

Let me tell you a quick story. About 6 years ago, Project Help was called about a young struggling New Jersey veteran who was homeless and living on a park bench.

He is 100% disabled and suffers with PTSD. He is addicted to drugs.

Many judge him for the drug addiction and do not understand that he turned to drugs to shut off the war that endlessly played in his head.

Having all the typical symptoms such as night terrors, and associative stimulus that cause flashbacks, his life if tough. Even his family kicked him out of the house because he was making life intolerable for the rest of the family. He has been in and out of treatment for years. When I call him and don’t get an answer, I know he is using again. The PTSD takes a hold of him and he loses the battle. It is such a hard road he is on.

The disability he receives does not allow for him to work. If he does, the disability will go away. So, with that in mind, and knowing that idle hands are the workshop of the devil, I am developing a plan for him to be able to work at something worthwhile, yet not jeopardize his disability. If you have any ideas here, let me know!

I really care about this man, he has so much to give if he can just stay healthy!

Yet, he is just one of many… this is what we do… we often times save their lives and very frequently make life so much better for them but sometimes, we fail. Sometimes the need is just too great for us to handle.

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We’ve have many conversations over the years and I have provided whatever support I can. He knows I will never turn him away or judge him even when he slips.

He called me this week and sounded good. He’s finishing up in rehab and will be moving into a place where he will stay for up to a year as needed. I plan to visit him and I’m working on a permanent living situation for him.

Executive Director