Why Partner with a Nonprofit for Veterans?

3 Benefits of Supporting a Nonprofit for Veterans

Did you know that 77% of people believe they can make a difference by supporting a worthy cause? Then the question remains, how do you decide which charity is right for YOUR donation? Ask yourself, do you care about the cause? And, is the nonprofit using the donations for the good of the veterans or are they paying big salaries to their staff with the funds you donate? Visit their website to see where the money gets spent or call and ask. Project Help is run entirely by volunteers who work from home, so no salaries or rent is funded by donators.

Choosing to volunteer or donate to a veteran nonprofit can provide some incredible rewards to you and others. Let’s take a look at three benefits of supporting a nonprofit for veterans!

1. You’ll Be Directly Supporting A Cause Important to You

With so many awesome organizations out there, choose a nonprofit you feel a special connection to. Being able to support a veteran directly can bring a special feeling of gratification. After enduring grueling training and combat to serve and protect our country, soldiers can return home knowing there are resources available to them through veteran organizations, funded by donations. Donating to an organization that supports veterans is a way to contribute to your country and its heroes. With mail-in and online submission options, donating is as easy and convenient as ever.

2. You’ll Get a Sense of Satisfaction

You’ll surely feel good for providing monetary or material support after donating to our veterans. Your actions have made someone else’s life just a little bit easier. Now, that veteran may have the gas money needed to visit their family or get to work, some extra food to send their children to school with, or new clothing for an upcoming job interview. What’s more, you can volunteer at an event and meet some of the veterans you helped. Hearing their stories will inspire you to give back for the sacrifices they have made.

3. You Don’t Always Have to Donate Money

A monetary donation is the most common way to help a veteran. Nonprofits, such as Project Help, offer immediate financial assistance to veterans, all through donations. Your generosity could be why a veteran can make a rent, car, or cell phone payment.

However, these veteran organizations look for other types of donations as well. For example, socks and underwear are the most needed items among homeless veterans. Other articles of clothing are also much appreciated.

If donating money or items isn’t realistic for you, the next best thing is to donate your time. The team at Project Help is entirely made up of volunteers who all work from home. There is always an opening to get involved from event organizers to graphic designers to day-to-day veteran assistance.

How to Donate to Project Help

Project Help is a nonprofit, tax exempt, all volunteer organization offering veterans financial aid, housing referrals, and other assistance. Here’s a look at different ways you can get involved:

  • Sponsor—A person or organization that provides funds for a project or activity carried out by another person or organization and is usually compensated in return with publicity for their contribution. A sponsor provides talent, merchandise, service, or other non-monetary assets to an event in exchange for publicity.
  • Member—Someone who is part of a group, such as club or library members, and shares in the support and beliefs of being part of the group.
  • Donor—A person or institution that gives assets, usually money, to another person or institution. Most often, donors give out of the goodness of their hearts and because they believe in the cause. Others do so to take advantage of tax deductions.
  • Volunteer—A person offering to participate in an enterprise or undertake a task as an assistant to an organization. Volunteers can have specific duties, and others can fill in as needed on demand.

At Project Help, all of your donations go directly to helping our veterans. Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of those who served and protected us. Donate now to help a veteran near you!