Do you know how many veterans commit suicide?

Here is a shocking & devastating fact you should know!

22 veterans commit suicide in the U.S. every day

Many of these heroes suffered terrible injuries (both physical and emotional) in the wars they fought.

The physical injuries we can see and provide meaningful compassionate assistance.

The emotional injuries like PTSD are not visible but tragically they impair the life of combat veterans to a degree that many turn to drug and alcohol abuse for relief — just to turn off the war in their heads.

Sadly there is no cure for PTSD, TBI and other related brain injuries and managing the traumatic symptoms is a life-long struggle.

The long term effects of drug and alcohol addiction include poverty, homelessness, depression and in some cases, jail or prison.

How horrible that our veterans suffer this way.

Project Help’s mission is to:

  • be a lifeline of assistance and support
  • lend a shoulder to lean on when they are overwhelmed
  • make life a bit brighter when the darkness comes
Many just need to talk with someone who understands what they have gone through and help navigate their current problems.
“I have lived first-hand what they are living in my marriage. 
I have navigated the waters and come out on top. 
It was a challenge but persistence and determination can win the battle.”
Many of our veterans need to know there are people who will help them through the fight. I wish we could do this without asking for help but we cannot.Please help build our Hardship Fund so we can provide the necessary assistance to our suffering veterans and help end the Veteran Suicide Epidemic!
Thank you. Please do it now… while it’s on your mind. And call me anytime if you would like to talk or refer a veteran to Project Help.
Sandy Mitchell
Founding Director