A note from our VP, Jeremy

Our newest board member Jeremy Curcio, GYSgt/USMC retired

Phase 2 of reopening in New Jersey is here and we are that much closer to getting our new “normal” lives in full swing! Now we can finally start having some face-to-face conversations with our friends again – life is good!

Speaking of conversations… have you ever had a chat with someone and say, “I wish I knew that sooner!” I know I have and it can be frustrating at times because it usually means we struggled for no reason or could have saved some money, or even worse – could have missed an opportunity of a lifetime!

Many of us have been impacted financially or face employment challenges as a result of COVID-19, but the good news is there are options to help us remain successful – the VA has some great programs for Veterans.

Here are a few:

  • Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) – Funds granted to non-profit organization to assist low income Veteran families to provide a range of supportive services to promote housing stability.
  • Veterans Justice Programs – Service Veterans involved in the Criminal Justice System.  Did you know incarceration as an adult male is the most powerful predictor of homelessness?
  • Health Care for Reentry Veterans (HCRV) – Assess Veterans’ treatment needs approaching release from state and Federal prisons, help plan to access services, and provide post-release follow-up’s as necessary.
  • Homeless-Patient Aligned Care Team (H-PACT) – multi-disciplinary medical home designed around the needs of homeless Veterans face, including general healthcare, as well as mental health and substance abuse.
  • Make the Call – 24/7 phone support for stable housing in a crisis.  877-4AID-VET (877-424-3838) or chat online at https://rly.pt/VAhomeless
  • Stay healthy – eligible Veterans can get healthcare and mental health care for substance abuse.
  • Secure safe, stable housing – Veteran assistance with utilities, child care, etc. to help them stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure.
  • Find a job – Job training and work therapy programs to help homeless Veterans find temporary housing and a paying job.
  • Get a degree – Veteran tuition and housing allowance.

These are all great support services.

And, did you know Project Help also works with the VA in supporting Veterans in all these programs as well? It can get quite busy at times for Project Help but that is what we are here for, and we take great pride in all we do for Veterans on a daily basis.

Feel free to pass this information along to your friends and especially, fellow Veterans!

Join us as a volunteer!
Oh one more thing, before you go…

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Thanks so much, Jeremy