Are you in?

You and I can solve this, are you in?

As a nation, we talk so much about how we care about our veterans. We wave the flag on certain days of the year, but that doesn’t change the plight of many of our veterans.

Some of the greatest generation are still with us and we revere them.  These warriors fought in WWII and so many died for our freedom.  They are mostly in their 90’s now and there are not too many of them left, but if you get the opportunity to spend some time with them, you should do it, especially our children.  We all need to hear from the hero’s mouth, what it means to be a patriot.

Korea and Vietnam vets are getting up there in age as well. Vietnam, one of the most horrific wars we were in, left its mark on these heroes.  The mark from jungle warfare was out done only by the disrespect they suffered when they came home.  Yet they are still patriots and we love them.

Post 911 are the youngest and the ones who need the most help right now. Many have come back with all the trauma of war, including PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries, physical trauma and loss of limbs.  As a result many have turned to drugs and alcohol to forget, which adds to their hardship.

There is a common link between all of these men and women who served so bravely.  They are real people with hearts and memories, some of those memories are nightmares.

  • Do you think they are worth a donation to help them through some of the hardships they face every day?
  • Do you think they are worth a few bucks, to help them with bills, housing and food?
  • Do you think they are worth $10 a month to help mend their lives and give them a chance for success, love and happiness?

Are you a patriot? We can solve this, are you in? Call me at 973-875-2068

Sandy Mitchell
Founding Director