Project Help is here to help

These are some very trying times and we at Project Help know many of our supporters and veterans are having difficulties due to the virus. Financial issues, stress, overdue bills and overall concern for our future.

Project Help would like to offer you a helping hand should you need one.  Many of our veterans are poking their heads up again and requesting assistance.

We are here, even if you are not a veteran, to give you guidance, support and a shoulder to lean on.   Please feel free to reach out if only to talk.  Sometimes a good chat session can lighten the load — I just unloaded in an email…. it felt so good!

Be well and stay connected, it’s way too hard to go it alone. Let’s be friends and support each other as we recover from this COVID mess.

Feel free to call me at 973-875-2068 or fill out our contact form, I will get back to you ASAP. Our services are free of charge!

Sandy Mitchell
Founding Director