How are you handling the confinement?

It seems like forever ago (pre COVID-19) that our lives were normal. Fully grasping that normal may never really be normal again is nerve wracking.
As we are all dealing with sacrifices and upheaval in our lives, it’s easy to have a pity party, whine and complain… I know, I’ve done it. We have all had to give up some freedom and connection to others.
Our small inconveniences are nothing compared to what our Veterans have had to experience fighting in wars. As we complain about being stuck at home, many of are vets are on the verge of losing theirs — some already have.
Recently I read that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced a new initiative requesting the public to make donations to help provide emergency relief and facilitate assistance to the homeless and at risk veterans during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Donating to local charities who provide these services is how the work will get done and our veterans will best be served.
I am asking you point blank to help! 
We need support in whatever way you are able. If a monetary donation is not an option, then perhaps volunteering your time.

How about it? Surely there is some way you are able to help. You will feel so good when you do.