They Ask Us Why We Do It…

We work very hard to be able to sustain our veterans as they struggle with the many issues that are holding them back from a happy, healthy and successful life.  Many struggle with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), depression and a myriad of other health, emotional and mental afflictions.

As a small, grassroots not for profit organization, it is a balancing act that is very difficult at times. To achieve our mission and goals and to be able to pay for it is tricky.  Balancing our mission to help veterans and their families with a variety of serious issues, from poverty, homelessness, criminal offenses, poor or no jobs, sub-standard housing and more with the additional required effort to self-fund our mission through events, some live, some online is extremely difficult.

Keeping our eye on the goal is critical to sustaining the organization. It is constant networking with the right organizations and corporations, forming partnerships and alliances, that will help pave the way to our success in helping vets get back on solid ground.

An example: a veteran, single dad of two, met up with us with one dollar in his pocket, he had been unemployed or way underemployed for five years. We worked with him for 18 months and are happy to report he’s back on his feet, has a good job and is getting his life back on track.

We have recently been invited to serve on a DOD (Department of Defense), ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) program, where we serve as a liaison speaking with employers about the National Guard and Reserve employees they have on board and how each party is accountable to the other for a successful outcome. Our outreach has now expanded to central and southern New Jersey.

Additionally we have partnered with Bridging the Gap in connecting employers and active military and veterans in the market for a career. Project Help will open up some new territories in New Jersey and share in the proceeds as they bring employers and veteran candidates to speed interviews.

Project Help has also been asked to serve on the Salute Coalition for NJ and the new initiative for incarcerated vets to help them prepare for freedom and  success. The initial mission of taking care of basic needs remains intact, but it’s not the answer… it’s just a band aid on a massive problem. Careers and housing are the only way to solve the problem, hence the new focus on employment opportunities and decent housing is paramount.

As a result of both the original and the new initiatives, the veterans we serve will be afforded the opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams of a good life filled with success and all the good things they deserve. This is why we do what we do.

The days are gone where people like to get involved doing unpaid charity work, serving on committees or joining a board of directors. Project Help is an all-volunteer charity at this time and is struggling with this very issue. It makes it more difficult to get all of the work done, when the lion’s share is done by two or three people.

With the rapid growth of Project Help, we are opening up two more board seats in May 2018.  We have many committee positions and volunteer positions for folks who want to help our vets and work side by side with us.

For more information, please contact Sandy Mitchell at 973-875-2068 or email.

Project Help is an all-volunteer, registered 501(c)3 charity, EIN 81-1804210.