How does Project Help DIRECTLY assist veterans in crisis?

Recently, we were contacted by an officer in the US Army. One of his men, Bill, was separating from the military, and his separation pay had been held up for many months. Now, due to circumstances beyond his control, Bill found himself, his wife, and their four children in dire need of help. Having used all his savings to pay rent, the family faced eviction. They were living in a cheap motel when Project Help got involved.

With the prospect of a new job, a stable rental home, and a fresh start, Bill hoped to move his family to North Carolina. With what little money was left, he put a deposit on the new house, but how to pay the other moving expenses?

Enter Project Help. We were able to arrange funds for the rental expenses, moving costs, and gas for their new home. Bill and his family made it to North Carolina, with a place to live and new jobs, all in LESS THAN ONE WEEK from the day Project Help was contacted.

We love telling stories with happy endings, and with your help, we can tell more of them.

We need you to join us in doing this important work. A monthly donation of as little as $25 can make a world of difference to veterans like Bill and their families. Wouldn't it be great if you could help the next family achieve THEIR happy ending?