Meet Judie M.


Here is a fun fact that you probably didn’t think of… The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines

  • PROJECT as “a planned undertaking”
  • HELP as “to give assistance or support” and
  • VETERAN as “a former member of the armed forces”

Therefore PROJECT HELP is a planned undertaking which gives assistance and support to former members of the armed forces.

Our veterans have many needs and challenges because of their service to our country and can use support and assistance in many ways. Simply saying “thank you for your service” seems like a small thing, but our veterans do not hear it enough.

During this Pandemic, we are constantly reminded to thank our front-line heroes, and yes, they deserve our thanks, but we cannot forget our brave and heroic American Veterans.

While we often take our freedom for granted, our Veterans have always protected our freedom and upheld the laws and principles that make the United States of America so great.

I have found that most Veterans tend to downplay how they put their lives on hold, encountered perilous challenges, and risked facing illness, injury or even death as they served our country. Sometimes discharged or retired veterans just need someone to reach out and give them a helping hand.

I have been a registered nurse for 53 years and retired in 2014 to care for my husband who was a disabled Vietnam Veteran. As the saying goes “once a Marine, always a Marine” and my Jim proudly bore the title U.S. Marine until he passed away. After becoming a widow, I joined Project Help to pay it forward and to lend a helping hand to our American Veterans.

I invite you to pay it forward and join our team.  Making a difference in a veteran’s life is PRICELESS.

One terrific way to support our veterans is to become a Project Help volunteerBe A Volunteer on one of our fun and challenging committees that can, if desired, lead to a Board Member position.  We welcome volunteers of all ages and skill levels.

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter.


Judie McFarland, RNCDONA
Secretary, Project Help