Inspiring Giving Tuesday Ideas to Make a Difference

Inspiring Giving Tuesday Ideas to Make a Difference

Help Veterans with These 4 Giving Tuesday Ideas

Every year, a global generosity movement takes place: Giving Tuesday. Founded in 2012, it’s a day to give back to nonprofits, groups of people in need, and exceptional causes. With 2020’s Giving Tuesday approaching fast (December 1st), it’s the best time to get planning!

As a nonprofit for veterans, we would like to share four Giving Tuesday ideas, whether you are an individual or a business looking to get involved this holiday season.

1. Get Creative with Your Donations

The first idea is simply giving money. Monetary donations are always welcomed at Project Help—and go entirely into our veteran fund. As a team of volunteers, every penny we receive goes directly to providing financial assistance, legal referral, and housing placement to veterans.

At this time of year, veterans in shelters and transitional housing facilities need pajamas, slippers, underwear, gloves, and hats. These necessities are always welcomed at Project Help. When you’re out holiday shopping this season, consider picking up this thoughtful gift and let us know at

2. Volunteer Your Time and Skills

On Giving Tuesday this year, consider volunteering at Project Help. As a volunteer-based team, we love seeing new faces around our space—and virtually too! We typically look for three types of volunteers. First, we frequently need some extra hands helping out with day to day organizational tasks and administrative work. Second, we love to hear the voice of industry professionals, from marketing to law to accounting. Lastly, share your event planning skills and assist Project Help with coordinating volunteers, arranging logistics, and more.

3. Be a Strong Voice in Your Community

If you’re participating in Giving Tuesday this year, share your experience with your community! Inspire your followers on social media to participate and keep the giving going all month long. Speaking up for a worthy cause, like assisting veterans, can be extremely rewarding when you see your voice having a serious impact. Sometimes, your neighbors may not be aware of worldly issues outside of the community. Educate those around you and get everyone involved in helping veterans this Giving Tuesday.

4. Lead a Giving Tuesday Campaign

Any sized business can participate in Giving Tuesday and encourage their employees to do so too. Here are a few ways your company can get involved:

  • Set donation goals: If your employees reach certain donation goals, set up mini rewards such as an additional personal day or company swag.
  • Match your employee donations: A great way to give back as a company is to match your employees’ total contributions.
  • Sponsor an event: Project Help has frequent events funded by corporate sponsorships—plus, your employees can volunteer or participate in the event!

Are you ready to give back to veterans this Giving Tuesday? Reach out to Project Help to get started! We’re happy to help organize donations, volunteers, and events. Contact our team today.