Build a Bike for Veterans’ Kids

There is nothing that makes a child’s face light up in a smile like a shiny new bicycle.

Unfortunately for some children getting a brand new bicycle seems like an impossible dream.

That’s why UnitedEVENTures created “Build a Bike” events. These events are sponsored by corporations that use the experience of assembling children’s bicycles as a team building exercise for their employees. It’s fun, challenging and teaches adaptability to changing circumstances and problem solving.  Everyone has a blast and the bikes are donated to great charities.

Project Help is often a recipient of these team built bikes. “When we get them we find veteran families that might not have the financial means to buy new bikes for their children,” said Sandy Mitchell, Executive Director of Project Help.

The bikes come in two sizes. A 16” suited for children up to 6 years of age and the 20” suitable for children up to about 8 years of age.  The smaller bikes have training wheels, all bikes have bells on the handle bars and come with helmets.

To request a bike, please contact Project Help at 973-875-2068 or go to our Contact Page and send a message.