The world has always had conflicts, yet internal polarization within the United States along with the general misunderstanding of American values have fostered divisiveness in our body politic. We aim to promote unity, hope, and peace through a weekly prayer crafted by our veteran community, who have sacrificed for the values and freedoms that we are privileged to enjoy. We acknowledge that our ideals and freedoms can be easily lost without our dedication to preserving them.

Let us pray for our leaders to embody the servant leadership we require. May God grant them the strength to fulfill their duties in service to the people who entrust them. Endow them with self-less strength to make the personal sacrifices necessary for the greater good of all they serve.

We invite you, our veteran community, to create a prayer centered on God, Country, Family, and Unity. We want to share this prayer with all who endeavor to protect our country and citizens and uphold the values of the American experiment.

  1. Write a prayer through the link below. 
  2. Project Help will review the prayers.
  3. Prayers will be posted on our website. 

We encourage you to share these prayers with friends and family and pray daily for our country. 

Here is a sample prayer: God, we are grateful for our freedoms and the rule of law. We pray for our country’s future amidst the challenges of division. We pray for leaders who exercise strength through humility and prioritize the protection of our citizens and values. May all communities strive to care for one another, regardless of differences, fostering unity and extending grace. Lastly, we pray for the preservation of families, the essence of our communities, where we learn to love, forgive, and peacefully tolerate diverse opinions.

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