Are You Ready To Be A Hero?

Did you know there are approximately 6,000 homeless veterans in New Jersey and 22 veterans commit suicide every day?  Most are underemployed or unemployed, many suffer from PTSD and TBI and have difficulty transitioning back into civilian life.

We invite you to become a Hero through our membership program.  Project Help is better able to assist our veterans with your support. Each Hero means additional reach thus enabling us to do more good and help more veterans in times of need and whittle away at those heartbreaking statistics.

As a member, you become a Special Hero Ambassador in helping to spread the word of who we are and what we do.  We really need your help and appreciate the love we share for our veterans.   Also, members enjoy the following benefits:

  • "Members Only" newsletter
  • Advance notice of events and volunteer opportunities
  • Invitation to the annual board meeting "Meet & Greet"
  • Input on fundraising events and other public displays
  • Option to take charge of an event
  • "Members Only" discounts to events

Please consider becoming a member of Heroes 4 Heroes.

Your annual contribution will greatly help our cause! What is the membership fee? Whatever you can afford, it’s your choice, consider the following:

  • $50 annual donation can provide a gift card for nutritious food for a homeless veteran
  • $100 annual donation can provide basic needs including toiletries
  • $250 annual donation can help a veteran and their family keep the heat on
  • $500 annual donation can help a veteran and their family stay in their home

Download the Membership Application here!