What is Vet Together?

Vet Together is community. It is a slightly different twist on a Get Together. It has been likened to a get together on steroids with a purpose. The purpose is to establish a mentor/mentee environment in preparation of the launching into civilian life. Each Vet Together is customized for the group.

Vet Together boosts local leaders who foster a strong peer network and keep conversations going with every monthly event. Military, Veterans and supporters share in a common goal: to (re)build camaraderie, driven by our growing member base.

Who is it for?

Current military, veterans and community members are invited to enroll in the program.

Participants will be encouraged make a commitment to participate each month and take advantage of the opportunity to get to know each other, the community and the resources available to them.

What Happens at a Vet Together?

Vet Togethers are meant to ensure that connections are forged whether you’re a veteran transitioning home, a retiree looking for a way to give back, a business person, teacher or a student hoping to engage with your peers.

The Vet Together format is 90-120 minutes, once or twice a month. About half of that time dedicated to vet2vet exchange, and if desired by the group, holistic wellness practices will be presented and food and beverages will be provided.

Occasionally, guest speakers will be invited to share their knowledge and services directly with the group. There will be no selling at any gathering.

We are looking for both sponsors and participants. Please click the appropriate button below and sign up now!