Build a Bike for Veterans’ Kids

There is nothing that makes a child’s face light up in a smile like a shiny new bicycle. Unfortunately for some children getting a brand new bicycle seems like an impossible dream. That’s why UnitedEVENTures created “Build a Bike” events. These events are sponsored by corporations that use the experience of assembling children’s bicycles as a team building exercise for READ MORE

Good Art,  Good Food,  Great Cause

What makes someone a hero? Often the spotlight shines on the big money, grand homes and fancy cars of athletes and movie stars. Blinded by the glitz and glitter children especially look up to and aspire to be like these larger than life figures. However in most cases what you see is only the surface.  READ MORE

URGENT NEED: Female Veteran In Need

A Veteran Needs Immediate Help A female Master Sergeant Veteran who served three tours in the Middle East has come upon difficult circumstances. A recent relationship break has left her with monthly expenses she cannot afford on her own. She is decorated, educated, smart and actively looking for work. We are asking for donations to help her READ MORE

Some give all, so many can have…

Source: There is no dollar amount that you could assign for the number of sacrifices made by men and women in uniform on behalf of the nation and its citizenship in order to maintain the freedoms and liberties afforded to us. Putting it into perspective, the number of those that serve in the military gives READ MORE